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Bulldogs just love Gators. mmm....

Two Weeks Apart!

Hambone Soup

Aunt Mattie Tells "Old Jeremiah"

Pruitt's Fish Camp

A Boy Scout Raft Trip

How a Mosquito Impoundment Works

Runnin' Away

Going to Town with Granddaddy

A One Man Parade

Dinner and other Kitchen Fare

ROTC Summer Camp and Cadet Bugg

The house on Boston Ave.

Stopping the Buick

TT Scrambles in Griffin

Roy Allred "The Policeman"

Soft Boiled Eggs

A tribute to Major Kemp of Georgia Military College

The Great Sauerkraut Inundation

The Ice House, Garbage Truck and Train Station

His name was 45

Attending my first Auction


The Experience



Workin' with Swamp Folks


Six Cent Cokes

Motorcycles and Cold Weather

Shoulder to Shoulder

Skiing Down The Steps

Three Scared Little Boys

Going to the Dentist

Deciding to go to Military School

The Wahr

Aunt Sister and Uncle Brother

March (flying kites)

Learning to Fish

Fishin' for Jewfish


Cadenhead Mercantile

Harry Nelson (pilot)

Charlie Visits Me

The Little Red Farmhouse

Fleming Charles Dame's Hereford Ranch

Cousin Ben's Boat

Playing In The Shower

Sliding on Ice

AWOL to Mrs. Pennington's

Granddaddy's Eight Inch Well

Horned Grouper

Grandmom's Missionary Work

Quail Hunting

Dad's Smart Dog

Storm Flags

Stuck in the Mud

Roger's Chewing Tobacco

Remel and the Glass of Lemonade

A Lost Fawn

Walking in the Rain

A Catfish Story

I lassoed a Snook

The Trees are Moving!

Sea Cow Webber

Fishing in the Woods

Granddaddy and a Fishing Trip

A Premonition

A Flooded Market

A Slow Day

Snow, Ice and my BSA

Reminiscing home

Rope Swings

What it was, was 'Possum!

The Trees are Moving!

Football and the Pine Tree

Tom and Eddy's Boat Trip

The Water Hose

Missionaries and Mission work

Trees make Wind

Me and the Sow

Uncle Pete's Turkey

Big Bass

Mrs. Thorne's Rose Garden

Chet Atkins

This is what helps to make a day sawing worth while.